Probiotics–Bacteria that’s GOOD for you?

January 12, 2013 in nutrition

Have you ever heard someone say how yogurt contains healthy “live cultures” or “bacteria”? Probiotics are bacteria naturally found in the body that help it run smoothly as opposed to the ones that make us sick. Many fermented food or drinks like kombucha or yogurt contain healthy probiotics. Fermentation is chemical breakdown of a substance by bacteria, yeast, or other microorganisms.

Antibiotics are given to you when you are sick. They flush out all the bacteria in your body to fight infection, including the good probiotics. Get it? Antibiotics and probiotics?

Having an adequate amount of bacteria in your body makes foreign bacteria – like the cold or flu – more common to the body. Basically your body is accustomed and efficient on dealing with viruses and bacteria. My dad recently had been on an antibiotic for a infected cut and he quite easily picked up the flu my step-mom had and I didn’t. Immunity power up!

Probiotics regulate bacteria in your colon which helps us digest food and absorb nutrients. Patients on antibiotics, who are stripped clean of probiotics, report having diarrhea. They also help with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and urinary tract syndrome.

Kombucha tends to be $3-4 a bottle, so my mom and I have been making our own at home. I love the taste of Kombucha, and it gives me an energy/vitality boost even more so than coffee (caffiene randomly stopped having an effect on me!). Kombucha simply makes me feel good, and usually cures a headache too. You can buy Kombucha tea at QFC, Whole Foods, most health food stores, and Safeway near the Naked and POM juice.