Now Foods Pea Protein Isolate Review

May 14, 2014 in Reviews

Yeah okay so it took a college nutrition class for me to find out that I’m not getting enough protein (ever since I cut out soy awhile back)91OPudlkMyL__SY450_. I had only been getting about 20 grams of protein a day, if that. I know, I’m terrible.

But the good news is I AM getting enough protein now! (Insert applause.)

Honestly I had a little bit of trouble finding a vegan protein isolate that wasn’t absolutely disgusting and inexpensive. That’s why I loved soy protein isolate – it tasted good, and was dirt cheap. But I reached the point where I could no longer soy (GMO, monocropped, deforestation, ect.) (soy is a verb now).

Hemp protein? Gross. Rice protein? Okay, but super expensive. Volcanic ash protein? Too hot. Eventually I stumbled across pea protein (or as my dad “cleverly” calls it, pee protein), and searched the web for the lowest price. The best deal I found: Now Foods Pea Protein on Amazon, which is now only about $7.50 a pound. I gave it a try.

Eventually my obnoxiously bright tub of pea protein arrived and my protein-deficient cells started cheering. I anxiously opened and tried it, straight up, because YO, you have to isolate your variables.

My first impression?

DUDE! This stuff is good I could eat it by itself!

Conclusion: Pea protein rocks. It tastes great, has a non-bothersome texture, and has all essential amino acids.

YAY! I will be ordering this stuff until the next studies come out proving pea protein isolate to be horrendously bad for you!