Hungry for Change Review

February 11, 2013 in Movie Reviews, Reviews

Times are a-changin’ – studies show that Americans are indeed eating more fresh food than they did a few years ago. We seem to be on the brink of a nutrition shift here in America – I mean, how could we not be? There are tons of new documentaries about nutrition coming out and with Netflix instant watch at my fingertips I can watch them all to my heart’s content!

I give “Hungry for Change” a solid 4/5 stars. It advocates a plant based diet, saying we’re overfed but starving on a nutritional level – I couldn’t agree more. There was some wonderful information about artificial sweeteners and also how dangerous foods get approved by the FDA: companies fund research reports and skew the results in their favor while the objective studies that show negative symptoms stand idly by.

It talks about juicing and how beneficial it can be for our health when we otherwise wouldn’t be eating vegetables. The last quarter of the movie addresses emotional eating, which I was glad to see – you can easily advise someone to stop eating so much cake, but this of course is not addressing the root problem of why they’re eating.

“Hungry for Change” reminded me of a sequel to “Forks over Knives” and “Food Matters” with interesting twists and a few new topics. Overall a good documentary and worth the watch if you have a few hours to kill.