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It is amazing how much influence we have on one another. A particular musician from Canada has changed me in a lot of ways as I look back and reflect on these past few years. (read more)

Finding Yourself Intro: Part 1
A lot of the time I hear that being a teen is supposed to be the “best years of our lives”. I’ll I can say to that is I sure hope not. Being (read more)

Finding Yourself Intro: Part 2
How many of us feel disappointed or disheartened if we fail? In all our lives’ endeavors, times when we make the wrong decisions are just (read more)

Positive Relationships (with family)
On the voyage of being a teenager and seeking independence, our relationships with our family may get rocky. (read more)

Finding your Morals
Our brains are growing each and every moment as teens, creating some pretty spectacular cognitive abilities. When we were kids (read more)

Positive Relationships (with friends)
When I think about my fondest memories, they tend to be times spent with the people I love. Positive relationships are so fulfilling. (read more)

Oh man, thinking back, I remember it. I remember the aura that seemed to be glowing off that one group of people at lunch. (read more)

Sometimes people seem to have strange prejudices against emotion. For example, they’ll tell boys not to cry or women to stop “being (read more)

Sometimes what we really need is a third party to give us a deep reflection of ourselves. Like a professional mirror! This is what a good therapist does. (read more)

Callings & Passion
Everyone has a place, a calling in life… it’s just a matter of finding it. There’s a reason you’re alive. It’s really important (read more)

*I was writing an awesome essay in which I was defining creativity. It was probably one of the best things I’ve ever written. Well… I accidentally deleted it. (…don’t ask.) I plan to rewrite it when my heart stops sobbing, but in the meantime, I wrote a short piece on creativity… just pretend you’re ready
…read more
(read more)

Impersonal Education
Considering all of us have different and unique sets of skills and talents, it’s not rational to think that every one of us will (read more)

When we focus on ourselves and embark on the journey of finding ourselves, we’re in the process of making ourselves (read more)

Journaling (oh and reaching your goals)
To say the least, journaling is my savior. You may wonder why something as simple as writing down my thoughts and (read more)

What does it mean to “Find Yourself”?
I used to beat myself up because I didn’t feel like I’d “found myself”.One day I took a step back and thought – what does that really (read more)

New Experiences
When we put ourselves in new experiences it is such a great way to find more about ourselves. I learned this lesson all over again (read more)

What is Spirituality?
For a long time I didn’t understand the concept of spirituality. I wasn’t sure what I should be looking for or where to start. To find (read more)

Finding Happiness Within
There once was a woman who didn’t’know who she was, all she felt was a void in her heart. She traveled the world in search (read more)

Living in the Now: Part 1
Our mind is a tool to be used, but it can be used harmfully if our thoughts are destructive to ourselves, which can have qualities (read more)

Living in the Now: Part 2
There isn’t anything you have to learn about your mind to be able to let go and embrace all this moment; in fact, it’s just the opposite. (read more)

What is ‘Growth’?
What does it mean to “grow”? Is it becoming wiser? Is there a formula? Is it the goal of every human being? (read more)

Some Time in Silence
“Meditation is an exercise of your original face. An exercise of that which is the looker, the seeker, the feeler, the knower, the pure emptiness which all these objects arise.” – Ken Wilber (read more)

A cheat sheet for Finding Your Element by Sir Ken Robinson. (read more)

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