On veganism…

Do you get enough protein? You bet! I get about 50 grams of protein from nuts, grains, vegetables, legumes, and beans.

Do you feel hungry all the time? Well, that depends on how many calories I eat!

Do you feel tired frequently? No, no exercise makes me tired frequently.

Do you miss meat? There has been one or two times in the past few years I wouldn’t have minded some chicken.

Why are you vegan? I wouldn’t have the heart to kill a chicken/cow/pig/whatever. One day when I was habitually eating meat, I decided I could easily go without it – so I did.

Is it hard? It’s not always easy, but I love it. I get teased frequently. Sometimes it’s awkward when I’m at a family potluck and there is nothing vegan. People ask, “why aren’t you eating? You’re VEGAN? You don’t eat ice cream? You live in a tree?”

Plants are alive, you know. I’m a cold hearted killer, what can I say?

Should I be vegan? Maybe, maybe not. It made sense for me in my life. Does it make sense for you?

I’m interested in veganism. What is the next step I should take? I’d suggest reading Eat to Live by Joel Fuhrman and watching Forks Over Knives (it’s on Netflix Instant Watch). They’re fantastic!


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