October 3, 2013 in Reviews


I’m in an environmental science class this quarter, and it happens to be about sustaining our earth! I thought it would be more… sciencey… like you know, with flasks and stuff. It’s not. Yay.

Our last assignment was to find our ecological footprint then discuss it with our classmates. As you do this particular test, it shows you how big of an impact each decision you make makes. It goes through your carbon, housing, goods and services footprint. It gives you some info on your impact and how to reduce it. Really fascinating. I learned my state, Washington, thanks to all the hydro-power, uses the most renewable energy in the US! Yeah! Check out this sweet renewable energy map of the US.

Well, lets get down to business. If everyone lived my lifestyle, we’d need 1.88 earths. I am now on a quest to get that down to one. I mean really, what could be more important?

How many earths would you need for your lifestyle?