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A Distorted Vision of Beauty
I know a lot of people have already seen this video, but I think every teenage girl should be exposed to the brainwashing (read more)

Reviving Body Image: Intro
In the realm of a healthy and active lifestyle, I believe there are three particular elements that come into play. Two of them (read more)

Reviving Body Image: Part 1
Clear your mind and think of one simple word: beautiful. What comes to mind? Advertisement has made it very likely that your idea (read more)

Reviving Body Image: Part 2
It is very easy to turn away from the harm we’ve heard advertising causes, but when we choose to pay attention and take a close (read more)

Reviving Body Image: Part 3
Since advertisements transforms women’s bodies into an object, the self esteem of girls plunge especially as they become a teenager (read more)

Reviving Body Image: Part 4
The important thing to realize is advertising doesn’t simply sell objects. It sells values, images, concepts of what love, success (read more)

Reviving Body Image: Part 5
The bottom line is consumers want us to buy, buy, buy. They want to convert us into consumers. They, to do so, bombard us with things (read more)

Reviving Body Image: Part 6
To view the intro of these series of blogs, start here. In a survey of 2,000 teenage girls, the only ones that reported they didn’t feel pressure to have sex were 11 year olds. Teenagers from 12-14 who were exposed to sexual content on TV and through lyrics were twice as likely to have sex by
…read more
(read more)

Reviving Body Image: Part 7
Remember that radiance that pulsed through you as a young child, and when you had so much curiosity towards the world that your body (read more)

Reviving Body Image: Part 8
When we revive our true selves we revive our curiosity, our fearlessness, passions, greatness, and real beauty. When girls reach (read more)

Reviving Body Image: Part 9
The impersonal structure of the schooling system and pressure to be popular cause girls’ grades to suffer. Girls excel in a personal (read more)

Reviving Body Image: Part 10
I want to share a journal entry I wrote the other day. It’s rather personal, but I think it’s important to allow ourselves to be vulnerable so (read more)

Reviving Body Image: Part 11
Today girls are under more pressure than they ever have been before. Less coping mechanisms are available, and resources are (read more)

Fighting Consumerism
We have to fight advertising’s influence to turn us into consumers. Here in America the size of our houses are about three (read more)

Changing How We See Ourselves
What is it that makes us care so much about what we see in the mirror? How does it make sense that how we look might (read more)

My Experience with Body Image
A couple years ago when I was in 6th grade I was under the spell where I thought happiness came from appearance. I used to shop (read more)

My Experience with Materialism
As a young teenager, I placed high values in shopping, having money, and having nice technology. For instance, I used (read more)

What I Regrettably Learned From America’s Next Top Model
Unfortunately, I used to watch American’s Top Model frequently when I was about thirteen. I saw women fighting to be absolutely (read more)

2 thoughts on “What I Regrettably Learned From America’s Next Top Model”

    1. Tessa says:

      I just discovered your blog and I must say, I am very impressed. I can’t believe you’re only 16: you have a much better vision of things than I’m having at 21. A real eye opener to me! I, and probably a lot of girls with me, am still struggling with anxiety and a negative self image from time to time. I’m very inspired by your blog, I’ll definitely be coming back :-)

        • mikayla says:

          Thank you! :) I’m so glad you like it. I hear you about negative self image… I am definitely still working on my own. It’s hard in our society for sure. There are some books I reviewed like Reviving Ophelia and So Sexy So Soon that were sooo helpful to me, they are seriously life changing books. Thanks for the comment :) -Mikayla