August 14, 2011 in exercise

Woman running on beach

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Good health comes down to is motivation. Motivation determines your actions – what you’ll actually do or not do.


– Set goals. This helps us stick to the plan, stay on track, and know what we want.

– Hang up photos of exercise related things. In sight, in mind.

Every month you exercise X amount of times, reward yourself. A new water bottle, a pedicure, new running shoes, a new book, ect.

– Remind yourself why you want to stay in good health.  I like staying active because of the mental health benefit, the energy boost, and literally not weighing myself down with unneeded weight.

– Exercise with a friend. You can’t back down from the gym because someone is relying on you!

So, what do you want? It’s a personal choice if we want to reach our goals or not. When it comes to procrastination, you just have to decide in the spur of the moment to stop thinking about it and DO IT. I feel better actually exercising than feeling lazy when I’m procrastinating. Procrastination can be fierce. Be fiercer. So get up, get to it – you’ll feel better and will have it over and done with. Nike had it all along — JUST DO IT!